Business English:

Our Business English course is led by an American teacher who has taught learn English for professionals for business meetingsBusiness and English Composition at the university level in the United States since 2001. Whether you are a student preparing for a career in business or a working professional, the course will be specialized to your needs- in your field. Work through your negotiation skills and learn Business English vocabulary and useful phrases. Practice writing emails, memos and answering phones. Role-play as if you are training an employee or dealing with a customer. With a Business English course you can feel confident in your communication skills so that you can give your work your full attention.

  • Business Basics
  • Editing and Proofreading


English for Job Seekers:

two men in suits having a business meeting in a parkThis course is designed to build an English vocabulary which accurately reflects your abilities and comprehension of the work you will be expected to do. It can help you prepare for a specific forthcoming job interview, or it can be taken as a way of documenting and practicing your communication skills in an international setting. In the end, you will be ready to demonstrate to your interviewer that you not only have the skills to excel at the job you are seeking, but can communicate clearly and effectively with supervisors, colleagues, and clients. Place yourself firmly on the road toward getting your dream job. 

Through our course in job-seeking and job interview preparation, you will…

  • Craft, revise, and edit important job search documents such as resumes, CVs, reference lists, and cover letters
  • Examine the subtleties of first impressions, in the context of the job search and the interview process
  • Participate in mock interview sessions, as a means of mastering crucial interview skills such as clear and expressive communication, and confident body language
  • Partake in answer preparation sessions, so you can successfully answer common interview questions.