What is included in the price?
A 50 minute lesson with an experienced English teacher and native speaker who also speaks Norwegian. All listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary materials- notes and feedback.

What do I need to participate?
An internet connection.

Is there homework?
It is your decision to have homework or not. We will always give you an optional homework assignment which will be reviewed and corrected during the following lesson.

What if I have to cancel?
You must cancel, at the latest, the day before your scheduled lesson. If you or your child are sick, you must cancel by 8am on the day of your lesson to avoid penalty. Once you have your consultation, you will receive a more detailed outline of our rules and regulations- along with contact information.

Can you help my child with English?
Yes. We have a program for kids.

How can I pay?
After signing up you will receive an invoice by email. You can pay by bank transfer or Vipps.

Do the lessons expire?
Lessons expire after 6 months.

Are there group lessons?
Yes. You may sign up with a friend and design your own specialized course with one of our instructors. In this case, prices will depend on individual circumstances.